Zues's Moderator Application.

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Zues's Moderator Application.

Post by zuess on Sat Oct 17, 2015 2:36 pm

In-Game Username: Zues

Age: 22

Timezone: +10:00

Previous experience (Do not mention other rsps names or links): I have never been a mod, but i have always helped people out with anything they need, in game and irl.

Do you have a skype account?: Yes

How long have you played Slayer-PK?: Join date = 10/15/2015 (as provided on the server) - 4-5 hours so far.

Have you been given an infraction, banned or warned?: No

If yes to the above, why:

In a short paragraph, tell us why do you believe you deserve this rank: Honestly i have always wanted to be a moderator, and i will help anyone that needs it, with a kind manner.

If you received this rank, what is your job?: The job of being a moderator is to help players with problems and things they do not understand, it is to report back to the owner/co-owner of any problems with the game, and with players that have been breaking the rules, and to remind players of the rules of the game and to what rule they are breaking (if any are broken).

What 5 qualities are important to become a part of the Staff Team?
1. Always be friendly.
2. Never break the rules.
3. try to be helpful to anyone that needs help.
4. Never abuse staff power.
5. Respecting the staff team and other players.


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